Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The G/flex epoxy filler sanded off alright, but did not leave a smooth surface due to the fact that it was to runny during the application. We used QuickFair microballon filler for the small diviets and g/flex 610 for the deeper holes. The later was the same stuff as the 655 but comes in a cauking tube and self mixes when you squeeze it out, very simple and only applies as much as you need.

Zoe had been sitting on a wooden stand but needed to be moved to jack stands to allow easier painting of the entire hull. Because the wooden support on the ground prevented the center stand from being placed, my dad had to do some quick work with a chainsaw to make it work.

Removing the old wooden stand. If anyone would like to borrow it just contact me.

Very happy it didn't tip over!

4th coat of Interprotect 2000e

6th coat

Goodnight for now Zoe, more work to come next June!
Thanks Dad!

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