Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Experimenting with G/flex

Finally all the bottom paint has been sanded off using a dual action orbital sander. Took a lot longer than using a grinder but as it was my first time taking bottom paint off, probably left a lot less gouges.

Underneath the majority of the barrier coat (Interlux 2000) was still in good shape. Around the keep join was a small crack in the epoxy filler. Also, two of the keel bolt heads had gotten some water underneath the filler (below). These were sanded and grinded out.

The keel joint had previously been sealed with 3M 4200, and epoxied over. While still flexible and in place in most places, the cast iron keep side showed rust everywhere along the joint. Crawling the forums I came across a newish product from West Systems, their g/flex products (650 and 655). Reviews were good, and it has the added benefit of being sandable. Anyone else use this before?

Below is the first application of g/flex 655 (the thicker version). It was still a little to honey like to apply to the  keep joint, mainly because the join is at a non horizontal angle. Next time I would add some thickener. The next day it was rockhard. We'll see how the sanding goes!

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  1. nice nic! keep on sanding, zoe should be ready next summer ;-) all the best from vienna! philipp